equal temperament

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the division of the scale based on an octave that is divided into twelve exactly equal semitones

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AxCent Tuning Systems has plans to roll out its patented self-tuning guitar system to the much broader musical instrument marketplace at an affordable price point so that guitarists of all levels can learn to play like the legends.
Vincenzo's relationship with his teacher, at first warm, turned acrimonious when he acquired a better knowledge of the modes and tuning systems of the ancients from the humanist Girolamo Mei; he attacked Zarlino's theories in his Dialogo della musica antica et della moderna (1581) and again in his Discorso intorno all'opere di messer Gioseffo Zarlino (1589).
Closer to our own time, composers have begun to branch out and consider the violin from differing points of view, exploring the instrument's possibilities for tonal colors and effects, alternate tuning systems, electronic modifications, and the use of the violin body as a percussion instrument.
To date, several first generation open-loop antenna tuning systems are being used in handsets, and development teams are beginning to design adaptive closed-loop antenna tuning systems.
Contract awarded to Provide of ECOMAXA combustion tuning systems and combustion dynamics monitoring systems (CDMS) for a 7FA fleet of gas turbines.
A clever lesson on tuning systems and their history forms the body of the book.
This gamelan contains both tuning systems of pelog - seven notes and slendro - five notes.
Kyle Gann demystifies Young's sound universe with an extended analysis of the various tuning systems Young used from his early notated works (such as Trio for Strings), through the improvisational works with the Theatre of Eternal Music and specific works such as The Four Dreams of China, The Well-Tuned Piano (1964-present), and Chronos Kristalla (1990).
The endless debates about tuning systems, the problem of the mathematical basis of music, the question of Greek modes and their relation to ecclesiastical modes, the attempt to revive the fabled effects of Greek music in modern practice, the relation of music to poetics, the conflict between theory and practice, especially with regard to the categorization of consonances: all these subjects and more exercised generations of writers, often to an exceedingly acrimonious degree.
Each guide will provide detailed instructions and recommendations that include the precise settings for each system and particular advice on tuning systems to meet the guidelines developed by the consortium.