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(music) calibrating something (an instrument or electronic circuit) to a standard frequency

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Spin to Win - Dream Build Giveaway: ECS Tuning will be giving out more than $20,000 in ECS Rewards over the course of this promotion.
We are proud that Intel selected Peregrine's unique tuning technology as the multidimensional antenna-tuning solution for this latest LTE platform," said Jim Cable, Chief Executive Officer of Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation.
First, earlier, more flexible tuning systems are based on natural acoustics that sound good to humans.
When you're considering a RAID vendor, find out what kind of flexibility you have in dynamically tuning the array.
AxCent Tuning Systems has plans to roll out its patented self-tuning guitar system to the much broader musical instrument marketplace at an affordable price point so that guitarists of all levels can learn to play like the legends.
Players accustomed to regular tunings need to adapt, but aficionados catch on quickly.
The mainframe's re-emergence as a strategic IT asset is due, in part, to automated performance tuning and its ability to reduce manual efforts," said Stephen Elliot, analyst at IDC Research.
A fundamental advantage of the ParaScan material is that it provides low-loss tuning of circuit impedances or frequencies, which will allow next-generation wireless products to perform better and more efficiently.
0, providing even more capabilities to the ground-breaking modeling and tuning product.
WATERLOO, Ontario -- RapidMind today released a case study that demonstrates the simplicity of porting an existing application to the Cell Broadband Engine[TM] (Cell BE) and tuning it with the RapidMind Development Platform.
The growing popularity of the ASP model in the mindsets of IT and business line managers is helping drive strong investment in hosted speech solutions which in turn has led to more spending on hosted speech application development and tuning.
The tighter integration of control design software with Simulink helps engineers reduce the need for trial-and-error design and greatly simplifies the analysis and tuning of multi-loop systems," said Paul Barnard, marketing director, control design at The MathWorks.
The process can take months of tuning to complete before the products deliver actionable information that is of strategic value to the business.