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a yellow oil obtained from the seeds of the tung tree

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Indeed, the Poplarville laboratory had originally been known as the "USDA Tung Oil Research Station"--a reflection of its commitment to providing commercial tung tree growers in Mississippi, Florida, Louisiana, and other Gulf Coast states with new varieties that offered high yield, frost tolerance, and other desirable traits.
For manufacturers of vehicles and varnishes, there are a number of key raw materials that are critical to production, such as rosin and Chinese tung oil.
The tung oil SPE alkyd system showed slightly faster dry set-to-touch times and faster dry hard times than the control alkyd paint.
The hydroxylated tung oil (HTO), dry TEOA, and lithium hydroxide (catalyst) were added together in a reactor with mechanical stirrer.
Three chemical impregnation processes were studied: phenol-formaldehyde (PF), tung oil (TO), and acetylation with acetic anhydride (AA).
The major constituent of tung oil is eleostearic acid, oleic acid, and linoleic acid.
Depending on which desaturases are activated, and the growth conditions scientists create, the yeast's metabolism converts the lipids into valuable byproducts, such as alpha eleostearic acid, which is a main tung oil component, and alpha linolenic acid.
Sand the top and rub on a finishing oil that contains Tung oil.
When treated with tung oil or any common furniture oil, the wood takes on a beautiful red gold or tawny yellow color with dark brown streaks.
April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Following last year's ground-breaking wood and metal water-based finishes, EcoLuxury(TM) lifestyle designer Maria Yee introduces a new, proprietary Tung oil finish that has been enthusiastically embraced by consumers.
Familiar to those who finish furniture, tung oil is capable of lending a tough, water-resistant seal to almost any surface--including wood, stone, and even plastic.
SV-1030 tung oil gloss varnish--hardest drying, binder, excellent for plastic stock.
Camphor and alkylammonium salt of (2-benzothiazolylthio) succinic acid in xylene were chosen for corrosion inhibitors, while the tung oil and spar varnish were chosen for the film forming properties.