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Chinese tree bearing seeds that yield tung oil

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The downside to planting tung in the backyard has been the nuts, so we thought a nutless tree would be a great solution," Rinehart explains.
Tung joins Turner from Expo Capital Management, where he served as a senior analyst.
Tung, who had three speeding convictions, gave a positive roadside breath test - but a later one at the police station was negative.
Meanwhile, Tony Ho, chairman of Test Rite Group, also admitted that the group decides to sell its Tung Lung ownership mainly to avoid direct competition against the U.
But now those areas of their bodies have very little protection," said Tung, who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.
Mr Tung said he has applied for a licence to sell alcohol from as early as 7am as a convenience for local people leaving for work early in the morning and unable to buy booze later on in the day.
As David Tung notes, "Everything is inline; we literally don't have to touch a board.
Just 11 years later, in 1983, Tung Tai Group, which is based in San Jose, Calif.
They were impressed with what they saw and invited myself and Mr Loebel to Doi Tung to inspect and write a report on the viability of the macadamia orchards there, which were at that time five years old and in not the best condition--in fact the macadamia project was lacking in all areas of plantation management,' he says.
My health was obviously not as good as it used to be' Tung said.
About 5,000 travellers were stranded at stations in Hong Kong, Kowloon, Tsing Yi and Lai King from about 0800 to 1000 local time, while the Tung Chung line resumed about ten minutes earlier.
The former British colony's leader -Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa -says work commitments may keep him away from the Reds' match against a Hong Kong XI on Sunday.
Tung of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
LOUIS -- WELLINX, creators of leading clinical information systems, today announced the appointment of renowned technology expert Jackson Tung as Chief Technology Officer.
Hong Kong Chief Executive Tung Chee-hwa's new cabinet of politically appointed officials has been put to the toughest test since it took office last month by the recent fiasco over a controversial proposal to delist low-priced companies from the territory's stock exchange.