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the property of having a melody

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Though Blink may be firmly in the past, their knowing pop tunefulness is alive and well in his solo work.
Thus Osundare's verse is patently histrionic because of the combined effects of the utilization of varied reiterative devices, sound imagery, musical accompaniment, folksongs/refrains, and the sheer tunefulness of the words themselves.
Ex-Rockapella star Sean Altman is "tuneful and sharply witty" (Los Angeles Times) and "relentlessly clever" (Chicago Tribune), with “catchy melodies, clever arrangements and lyrics that yield satiric gems” (Washington Post), combining "the tunefulness of the Beatles and the spot-on wit of Tom Lehrer” (Boston Globe) with a “silky tenor voice that produced chills” (New York Times).
He was playing fluted carols with tinkling runs and bell-like notes and soft lullaby, which had a freshness, a homeliness, a smiling tunefulness, an ineffable radiance and sweetness, such as I have never heard before or since.
Its tunefulness, simplicity, arpeggiated triadic character is clearly intended to mimic a music box, wind-up doll, or other toy that plays music.
And then, the penultimate section, which actually has an old fashioned lyrical tunefulness, seems like a passage lifted from Ecclesiastes and offered as a focus of meditation:
Conceived for dancer Martha Graham, its exuberant tunefulness comes as something of a shock after Barber's solemnity.
The X Factor returns this week, giving would-be warblers of varying degrees of tunefulness a chance to show off on prime-time TV.
Here she brought out "Hips Don't Lie," one of the biggest-selling singles of the last decade, no doubt equally for its soul-shaking tunefulness as the hips in question.
Half a dozen or more little fellows had each a flute, and were piping it away in notes that did not preserve the strictest tunefulness.
Indeed, the popularity and tunefulness of this opera has even reached into Hollywood: a recording of the duet, "Sull' aria, Che soave zeffiretto" was a key element in the plot of the movie The Shawshank Redemption.
All of that is true, I'm sure, but I'm not looking at the big picture here, just the small daily aspects of life, which lend it savor and tunefulness and chewability.
This was shown by the heartiness and tunefulness of the chorus singing and the excellence of the class and individual work illustrating the training of the ear in the study of harmony.
But out of the plastic speaker came music of surging melody, tunefulness in excelsis.
And although Jedward make up in confidence for what they lack in tunefulness, they took the chance to enhance their appeal as international babemagnets.