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There were some tuneful and well-produced exceptions to that desultory rule; and they were joined later by unexpected gems like Mike de Leon's 'Kakabakaba Ka Ba?
The Moroccan contestant Salma Mohamed mesmerised the audience with her most tuneful recitation, and came first, followed by Zakia Juma of Tanzania and Reem Monther of Jordan who consecutively ranked second and third.
Marquez's Danza de mediodia offers a tuneful respite.
TUNEFUL Among Eve''s Army at the Hoppings to help Eve Anderson were, from left, Robyn Marley, Harvey Dougall, Joseph Smart, Michale Smart and Olivia Carrick EVE'S ARMY Children perform the Song for Eve at the Hoppings on Newcastle Town Moor
TUNEFUL teenagers are being invited to a free singing workshop next week.
Summary: After the fun-filled CyDance HeadsCO activity, Deira City Centre, a member of DSS 2008 key sponsor MAF Shopping Malls, continues its focus on music but this time around it is all about producing tuneful melodies in a colourful and hands-on display of musical instruments.
Warblers, chiff-chaffs, tits, goldfinches and robins will be at their most tuneful, while woodpeckers hammer a beat on the trees.
JAMES - HEY MA Hey Ma, the band's first studio collaboration since 2001's Pleased To Meet You sees James at their most James-est - Tim Booth's uniquely recognisable voice soars and dives over anthemic toe-tappers including opener Bubbles and the tuneful Upside, while other material is more patchy, but always worth a listen.
As the Washington state-based quintet spews slashing, tuneful guitar rock in the mode of the Strokes and Arctic Monkeys, front man John Healy evokes the gleeful belligerence of a young Mick Jagger, ranting about natural disasters, religious visions, and that old favorite, treacherous chicks.
The album's punky reggae rhythms, spiky guitar, and Ari-Up and Pollitt's tribal call-and-response vocals, set off witty, tuneful songs about heroin abuse (``Instant Hit''), stereotyping (``Typical Girls''), consumerism (``Spend, Spend, Spend'') and poverty (``Shoplifting'').
Set to the infernally tuneful songs of Harry Dubin and A1 Warren, these production numbers stand apart from the sappy, good-natured, backstage plots, in which pre-production code moral standards prevail (man and wife could then still share the same bed on celluloid).
The 12-track set kicks off with a bang: The bump-and-grind electro-rock of "Faster Kill Pussycat," featuring surprisingly warm, tuneful vocals by Sin City vixen Brittany Murphy, screams out to be the number 1 pole-dancing song of 2006.
It is a little more melodic, and slightly more tuneful and certainly more effort has been with its vocals, but ultimately the old tale of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rears its head.
A fierce Cro-Magnon ballet on a tightrope between severely inhibited chord thuggery and passionately tuneful rock and roll bliss.
What has happened to the grace and elegance with which the show opened and enabled Ireland to win so many contests with their tuneful melodies?