tuna fish

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important warm-water fatty fish of the genus Thunnus of the family Scombridae

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The main objective of our study was to investigate whether supplying information about two forms of CSR certification, "Friend of the Sea" and "SA8000," for canned tuna fish products could influence consumers' WTP.
Cooks can tell the difference, Babcock says, between canned tuna fish and Oregon Seafoods' products, which have more flavor and a better overall texture.
To make the sandwich filling, color the tuna fish mixture, the tomato slice, and the lettuce leaf.
Over-fishing has resulted in a decline in the country's production of tuna fish from year to year lately, fishing companies said.
Retort packaging is being used in brand-new applications, such as rice, tuna fish, yogurt, puddings, and even per foods.
So there I am, all set to buy a can of tuna fish made by an explicitly evil corporation and along comes one of these Galahads scanning my purchases with the Geiger counter, sending off a loud noise apprising everyone within earshot that I am deliberately advancing the cause of Satan.
Even tuna fish (yes, the kind that comes in a can) protected against this condition.
So, if you are concerned about the amount of fat in your diet, you shouldn't buy tuna fish packed in soybean oil, because the soybean oil would dilute the omega-3s in the tuna.
Flagging libidos could receive help from the tuna fish sandwich, according to the newly published book Temptations: Igniting the Pleasure and Power of Aphrodisiacs (Simon &: Schuster, 2002).
The late singer-songwriter Laura Nyro loved to eat tuna fish.
But when the WTO met in Doha, Qatar, last year, Australia -- the current head of Cairns -- ignored the Philippines request for its canned tuna fish to be given the same tariff treatment as the tuna that comes from the former colonies of European countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and the Pacific.
Like everyone, I watched in horror as smoke spewed from the upper floors of the north tower, and metal strips that had encased the building unfurled like cans of tuna fish.
Bumble Bee was taken to task for promising consumers on its outside label of tuna fish cans a 75-cent coupon for their next purchase, only mentioning on the inside label that the consumer had to buy five more cans of tuna before redeeming the coupon.
Its sales have nearly doubled in only three years to almost US$500 million, due in part to its acquisition last year of seafood company Aledo and its successful Margarita brand of canned sardines and tuna fish.
Other snacks, though less portable, may include cans of tuna fish (with removable lids) and small containers of yogurt.