tumor virus

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a cell-free filtrate held to be a virus responsible for a specific neoplasm

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The mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV) is known to cause mammary carcinoma in C3H and Strong A strains of mice.
In Europe and North America, the mice have a lot of mouse mammary tumor virus.
Holland and his colleagues named human mammary tumor virus (HMTV) several years ago has been shown to be 95% genetically identical to the mouse mammary tumor virus (MMTV), which is highly prevalent in Mas domesticus, the common house mouse that has lived closely with humans since the dawn of agriculture.
The virus has been named HMTV, the human mammary tumor virus.
My colleagues were all looking at how p53 inhibits the ability of a tumor virus protein (T-antigen) to initiate DNA replication," Bargonetti recalls.
Even now, I have difficulty thinking back to that day," he writes, when the joke was "human tumor virus or human rumor virus?
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