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Synonyms for tumbleweed

any plant that breaks away from its roots in autumn and is driven by the wind as a light rolling mass

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bushy annual weed of central North America having greenish flowers and winged seeds

bushy plant of western United States

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For further cautions about the risks of investing in Tumbleweed, we refer you to the documents Tumbleweed files from time to time with the Securities and Exchange Commission, particularly Tumbleweed's Form 10-K filed March 16, 2006 and Form 10-Q filed November 9, 2006.
Tumbleweed, the Arrows logo, MailGate, MailGate Appliance, MailGate Email Firewall, MailGate Secure Messenger, SecureTransport and Validation Authority are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Tumbleweed Communications Corp.
Prior to joining Tumbleweed, Norwood was vice president of business development at Savvion, Inc.
Many people wonder why there is an epidemic of spam, and how spammers really make money," said Willy Leichter, director of product marketing at Tumbleweed.
To address this problem, organizations can configure Mailntercept and Tumbleweed MailGate to ensure that messages are delivered only to authorized individuals.
Jim Guthrie will be leaving Tumbleweed to pursue other interests.
When a government or contractor employee uses the smart card to access a Federal information system or facility, the Tumbleweed Validation Authority enables FIPS 201 mandated digital certificate validation via OCSP in a process that is instantaneous and completely transparent to the end user.
According to a recent survey commissioned by Ziff Davis on behalf of Tumbleweed, security related issues represent the top four concerns that organizations have about moving files over the Internet.
Based on widely adopted open standards and technologies, the Tumbleweed Validation Authority solution validates the status of digital certificates in real time, ensuring that revoked credentials cannot be used for secure email, smart card login, web access, wireless, VPN, or other electronic transactions.
JITF-CT has implemented the Tumbleweed Validation Authority product to support cryptographic logon to an internal portal restricted for use by JITF-CT personnel only.
They have rigorous performance and security demands, and we've focused on delivering solutions that scale to meet their increasing needs," said James Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Products for Tumbleweed.
Customer trust and satisfaction is of the utmost importance to our company so we are very pleased to be recognized in these areas," said John Thielens, CTO of Tumbleweed Communications.
Mirapoint, a market leader in appliance-based solutions for secure message networks in enterprise, service provider, and education organizations, has licensed from Tumbleweed U.
NASDAQ:TMWD), a leading provider of email security, managed file transfer, and identity validation appliance and software products, today announced the availability of the Tumbleweed FTP Analyzer(TM), a free diagnostic tool that helps organizations identify unsecured and rogue File Transfer Protocol (FTP) traffic within their IT environments.
We are honored to receive SC Magazine's European award for Best Intellectual Property Protection Solution," said John Thielens, CTO for Tumbleweed Communications.