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the variegated or showily striped ornamental wood of various tulipwood trees

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The final designs included the 'Pauline' rocking chair in walnut by Aedas Interiors; 'Distrack' armchair in tulipwood by Dozign Lab; 'Tread' in walnut by Al Tayer Stocks; 'Quirkis' in red oak by Tony Archibold; 'S' in walnut by ISG Middle East; 'Joy' in ash by dwp Middle East; 'Linx' bench in ash and walnut by Artillery; and 'Niyyah' in ash by Perkins & Will.
Thermal modification is one method used for making a number of the American species, including ash, tulipwood, soft maple and red oak, ideal for external application, while other very good proprietary processes, such as acetylation, also exist.
Endless Stair, a towering structure of 15 Escher-like interlocking staircases made from American tulipwood cross-laminated timber (CLT), was opened to the public on the lawn in front of the Tate Modern Art Gallery as part of LDF 2013.
The other major species exported were ash, white oak and and tulipwood at volumes of 7,616 m 3 , 6,902 m 3 and 6,451 m 3 respectively.
A prominent exhibition at the AHEC stand greeted delegates during the event, including large wooden scale models of David Adjaye's American tulipwood pavilion 'Sclera', which was built for the London Design Festival; and Philip Koomen's 'Wave and Splash' tulipwood bench from the Hay Literary Festival.
These sustainable species, which are ideal for making furniture, joinery, flooring and cabinetry, include red and white oak, ash, cherry, maple, tulipwood and walnut.
Tony Carneblad has been making bespoke kitchens from hardwoods such as solid oak, ash, sycamore, maple and tulipwood for 20 years.
Hogue has also pioneered the use of many exotic woods in off-the-shelf custom grips including goncalo alves, pau ferro, rosewood, kingwood, tulipwood and cocobolo.
The kitchen worktops are Forest Stewardship Council recommended and made from sustainable tulipwood.
In sumptuous shades of tulipwood, moss green or black and delicately trimmed with cut out lace, the popstar's new Glamour range of lingerie is the perfect gift to treat yourself and your beau.
American Tulipwood (Liriodendron tulipifera), supplied by Rochester-based Morgan's Timber Yard, was used to clad this award-winning intervention in an east London community church.
Its best-seller is made from Tulipwood and finished in any colour from the Farrow And Ball, Dulux or Sanderson paint ranges.
Various inlays of different timber include tulipwood, kingwood, box, etc plus brass, gilt metal, tortoiseshell and so on as additional beautification.
Each of the stars was asked to paint or decorate an American Tulipwood block in any way they wished.
Red oak, white oak, maple, ash, cherry and tulipwood remain the most popular species.