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Synonyms for tubful

the amount that a tub will hold


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A good tubful of beans, and no mistake, ran out of the tops of his boots, which he usually wore turned down and which he had turned up for this special occasion
There we were on the edge of our sofas ready to pull a nail–biting all–nighter when, just before 11pm, the YouGov pollster sneaked up behind us with a tubful of ice cubes.
All you need then is a tubful of fragrant bubbles to complete the effect, and a huge, soft towel to wrap around you once you step out of this cocoon of warmth.
My research uncovered a fuller version of the saying: "He was as leet gi'en as a posser 'ead in a tubful of knickers.
The water is heated by a large firebox and it pays to listen carefully to Austin's instructions - it takes time to heat a tubful of water, so don't add too much cold water or let the fire die out.
Then he would turn around and buy bargain peanut butter by the tubful at Spag's.