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a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament

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Sitting on a sling seat with a pelvic obliquity induces asymmetric loading on the ischial tuberosities, not to mention contributing to postural instability (Figure 3(a)).
62,64,65) However, the insufficient bony healing of displaced tuberosities after intra-operative fixation at the stem of the prosthesis, malpositioning of the tuberosity fragments, and incorrect positioning of the prosthesis are probably the most important factors determining the outcomes of this treatment modality.
Posture shifts were defined by analysis of the DI data of both ischial tuberosities.
Abbreviations: DTI = deep tissue injury, FE = finite element, IT = ischial tuberosities, MRI = magnetic resonance imaging, ROI = region of interest, SCI = spinal cord injury, SD = standard deviation.
A polynomial regression analysis demonstrated a relationship between the heights of the tuberosities and the achieved ranges of motion.
The medial, posterior, and total offset of the humeral head center were measured relative to the IM axis; the anterior and posterior distances from the humeral head center were also measured for the lesser and greater tuberosities, respectively.
The majority of PUs are found in the gluteal and sacral regions [11], principally at the ischial tuberosities, sacrum, and coccyx.
It winds over the lateral surface in the spiral groove of the humerus, finally reaciiing the medial side, where it inserts on the radial and ulnar tuberosities which ends with one tendon on the medial aspect of the radius, just distal to the biceps muscle to insert on the interosseous membrane of the elbow joint.
Patients usually report less pain when sitting on a toilet seat, a phenomenon that we believe is associated with pressure being applied to the ischial tuberosities rather than to the pelvic floor muscles.
Tuberosities are not easily distinguishable on moose (Alces alces) pelvises, even when a large number are available for comparison.
Bone resorption (osteopaenia) * Sub-periosteal Radial aspect of middle phalanges, medial side of humerus, tibia * Intracortical Terminal tufts(acro-osteolysis) * Endosteal Hands and long bones * Trabecular Skull (salt and pepper appearance) * Sub-ligamentous Trochanters, calcaneus, ischial/humeral tuberosities, lateral clavicle * Sub-chondral Acromioclavicular, sacro-iliac and sternoclavicular joints 2.
By not using cement, I save considerable operative time and do not have to worry about the cement potentially causing a nonunion between the tuberosities and humeral shaft," stated William Geissler, M.
The trabecular patterns in the innominate bones and femora transmit these forces to/from the acetabulae in standing positions or walking, and via the ischial tuberosities in sitting positions [36].
Areas of special concern include the sacrum, coccyx, ischial tuberosities, trochanters, scapulae, occiput, heels, digits, nose, and ears.
Also, the femoral head, the ischiadic tuberosities (the lowest parts of the pelvis), the greater and the lesser trochanter can be approximated by parts of circles.
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