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Synonyms for tubercle

a swelling that is the characteristic lesion of tuberculosis

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small rounded wartlike protuberance on a plant


a protuberance on a bone especially for attachment of a muscle or ligament

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Tubercle Number of setae Types of setae Cephalic chaetotaxy--dorsal side Cl 4 Ml Mc Af 6-7 Ml Mc me Oc 1 Ml (Di + De) 2 Ml or Mc (DL + L + So) 11 Ml, Mc, me Cephalic chaetotaxy--ventral side Vi 5 -- Vea 3 -- Vem 2-3 -- Vep 3 -- Labium 6, 0x -- Tubercle Names of setae Cephalic chaetotaxy--dorsal side Cl F G Af B A, O D Oc Ocm (Di + De) Di1, De1 (DL + L + So) not recognizable Cephalic chaetotaxy--ventral side Vi -- Vea -- Vem -- Vep -- Labium -- Table 2.
Additionally it is necessary to consider this tubercle during orthodontic banding and rubber dam application (Paras Mull & Manjunath, 2013).
A Viennese anatomist, Emil Zuckerkandl in 1902 described the thyroid tubercle of Zuckerkandl, which has become an important landmark in thyroid surgeries.
8 Study conducted by Greenwood and Fox in 1973 on "A comparison of methods for staining tubercle bacilli in histological sections" showed 42 (60%) positive AFB on fluorescent technique out of 70 tuberculosis cases.
1/2] V; inner metatarsal tubercle distinct, small, elliptical; outer metatarsal tubercle absent; subarticular tubercles round, none bifid; supernumerary tubercles scattered on and around proximal ends of toes; terminal disc of toes elliptical, slightly wider than toes; terminal disc of Toes III, IV, and V slightly larger than those of Toes I and II; tarsal fold well-defined and flap-like.
15-18) Draping should be conducted as to allow uninhibited exposure to all relevant anatomical landmarks, including the distal quadriceps, patella, and tibial tubercle.
Central tubercle long, with free apex (Figure 1), reaching the anterior edge of frons; postero-lateral tubercles large and marked.
5 mm); presence of small tubercles in upper eyelids; relative length of fingers of the forelimbs: I [approximately equal to] II < III > IV; adhesive discs of fingers I and II slightly wider than its phalanges; III and IV fingers with wider adhesive discs than its phalanges; well developed subarticular tubercles; Inner carpal tubercle well developed, ovoid.
There is a labyrinth of connective tissues attached to Whitnall's tubercle and as patients age, there is laxity of the septum, retinaculum, and orbicularis; rounding of the lateral canthal angle; and a negative intercanthal tilt that develops as the lateral canthus drops in relation to the medial canthus, said Dr.
Early descriptions of fishes were accompanied by simple drawings; for example, Benecke (1881) gave for each fish from Prussia (= part of Poland, Kaliningrad District, Russia, and Lithuania) a drawing of its scale or tubercle.
Robert Koch, who discovered the tubercle bacillus in 1882, believed that M.
Telltale signs are tenderness with or without swelling at the tibial tubercle that worsens with running, jumping, or impact activities.
3] Various reasons are given for the low incidence of gall bladder tuberculosis--including failure to recognize the condition or a special resistance of the gall bladder to the tubercle bacillus.
Because of the degenerative changes, some orthopedic surgeons would advocate a tibial tubercle elevation, which has the capability of addressing the degenerative changes because it not only realigns the patella to take pressure off the lateral side, it also redistributes the forces proximal and distal to try to relieve some of the pressure on the worn area.