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the lowest brass wind instrument

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The band has been hosting a Tuba Christmas performance each year to introduce people to the instrument's not-so-bombastic sound and to showcase its smaller cousin, the euphonium or baritone, as well.
Tuba also told the press that she's fully prepared to participate in any acting role, may it be in theatre or cinema, as long as it's relevant to the welfare of children and improving their lives.
He stands in, as needed, as principal tuba player for the Northwest's best symphony orchestras.
It usually comes from the tuba, how the crowd is responding and how we are feeling that day," he says.
Talking to Gulf Times, he said he started by learning the violin and only took up the tuba at the age of 11, won over by its impressive size and shininess.
The project has five months to raise the nearly $3,000 for the tuba.
He planned to use four pairs of horns, the last two of which would double on the new instruments, high and low tuba in each pair.
The plane touched down safely in the North East and all seemed well until panic set in at the luggage carousel when Joe realised his prized tuba was missing.
A tunica muscular variou sua espessura (P < 0,05) nas diferentes regioes da tuba de todos os diferentes grupos de prenhez e a tunica muscular da regiao cranial variou entre os periodos de prenhez, sugerindo que essa tunica possui variacao ao longo da tuba e a tunica ms da cr varia com o evoluir da prenhez.
Lovett and learned the tuba for Doyle's ``Sweeney Todd.
This metal mixture is used to make instruments, including the trumpet, tuba, trombone, and saxophone.
I had the typical clarinet, flute band and one tuba player.
Travelling by Tuba is a fun show and launches the newest addition to the Live & Local network - Little Wolford Village Hall, near Shipston.
He introduces Elvin to spicy food, gym workouts, and the potential of the tuba.
An electrifying performance of Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony, along with Janacek's orchestral suite from his opera The Cunning Little Vixen, Beethoven's Egmont Overture and a rare performance of the Vaughan Williams Tuba Concerto made sure this was a night to queue for returns at the box office.