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I was trying to think of anything I possibly could come up with, and that one somehow came together.
I know in the '70s I did film and video in some Greenbergian sense, trying to figure out what each one did.
First, set a reachable goal for yourself in an audition, such as trying to do your best.
Usually, when I finish writing a script, I actually give it to an actor first because I find that there are so many similarities between writers and actors: They're both trying to portray an accurate character.
Treat yourself as if you were a much-loved child that an adult was trying to keep walking on a narrow sidewalk.
Pre-Seed is a huge break-through in this category and provides a true advantage for the millions of couples in the United States currently trying to conceive," said Patrick Bigatel, merchandising manager for drugstore.
Lowe was trying to spin a little humor on his otherwise dreary day.
When thinking about our two-week hell-ride from New York to SF, I'm coming to terms with the fact that my problem won't be trying to come up with enough interesting material (or needing to shield anyone from unpleasant realities).
GLENDALE - A ex-convict arrested last week and accused of trying to abduct two youngsters, expose himself to three others and trying to rape a woman is also suspected of trying to kidnap a woman a year ago, police said Thursday.
At least two years had past and I found myself trying this crazy 540 thing with Caballero in a hotel swimming pool full of water.
Trying to decode a baby's cries can be a frustrating challenge for parents.
The thing to get used to is probably doing all this skateboarding, trying to film for this video part and do an interview, then trying to get school done.
Dennis O'Brien, maintenance supervisor for Van Nuys Airport, said he's aware of Rusty's complaints and has been trying to work with her on the problem.
I was always too scared to land it on the concrete outside, so I was trying it in the living room and I said, "OK.
WEST HILLS - Nearly a year after its grand reopening, Fallbrook Center still doesn't have the promised traffic signal on Victory Boulevard to ease the traffic nightmare for shoppers trying to enter and exit the popular mall.