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Similarly, we consider two trustees to be significantly co-occurring if they were trusted by at least one truster simultaneously.
take care of something the truster cares about, where 'caring for' involves some exercise of discretionary powers" at 240); Philip Pettit, "The Cunning of Trust" (1995) 24:3 Philosophy & Public Affairs 202 ("[t]he word 'trust' is used in relation to a great number of things.
9) Trust is tested through action, and acting on trust must involve genuine risk to the truster.
Voir les Lakers se traEner en bas de classement (12es de la Conference Ouest) et les Clippers truster les premieres places (2es).
El termino confianza "tiene una variedad de significados que a menudo entran en conflicto" (Hardin, 1999:24) en terminos generales se habla del estado en el que a un ente X da por hecho lo que espera de un ente Y; confiar implica una relacion bilateral entre un truster es decir el que confia, y un trusted, es decir el depositario de la confianza, influenciada por valores, por informacion previa (y la falta de ella), e incluso por prejuicios.
One member of the Brain Trust, Ray Moley, described the myopic credentialism of his fellow Brain Truster, Frankfurter, in this way: "The problems of economic life were to Frankfurter matters to be settled in a law office, a court room, or around a big labor-management bargaining table.
of the truster but also on the commitments, not merely the regularity of
Called Truster, it fits in your handbag, costs about pounds 50 and works by detecting stress when you deviate from the truth.
The sentence could have come from Dr Jacob Bronowski, the Polish-born mathematician, scientist, television Brains Truster, presenter of TV's Ascent of Man and expert on the poetry of Blake.
Nor my college mentor, Archibald MacLeish, a three-Pulitzer poet, Librarian of Congress, and Roosevelt Brain Truster, who startled me one afternoon, walking the Cambridge streets just as the bobby-soxers were being let out of school, Before catching himself, he said, "If I ever get `sent up' it will probably be for molesting something like that.
He flips from one extreme to another--from spendthrift and truster of others to Timon the misanthrope--and then repeats the same extravagant behavior in a different key.
Trust is "the willingness of a party to be vulnerable to the actions of another party based on the expectation that the other will perform a particular action important to the truster, irrespective of the ability to monitor or control that other party" (Mayer, Davis, and Schoorman 1995) or, more succinctly, "accepted vulnerability to another's possible but not expected ill will (or lack of good will)" (Baier 1986).
All these clues represent estimates of potential trustworthiness taken by the truster prior to placing trust.