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a telephone call made outside the local calling area

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He phoned Red Button - trunk call naturally - to defend his reputation: "It's quite a funny show but I wouldn't agree with what Heather's doing," said the 21-yearold bachelor, who admits he would be tempted to tango with dark-haired Heather, actress Niky Wardley, if she dropped into Carey's, one of his favourite city clubs.
TALENT Josh Cook's drawing of an elephant was voted best by his classmates TRUNK CALL Maurice O'Connell from the November Club with St Robert's Primary School pupils who he has helped with drama performances about the time an elephant ran amok in Morpeth
1959: UK's first trunk call from a pay phone The first trunk dialling system from a public call-box is launched during a ceremonial phone call from Bristol to London.
Elephants enjoy their very own Halloween Party, devouring the last of this year's pumpkin harvest Pictures: TONY CLIXBY/tc041108pump-003; Youngster on a roll Code: tc041108pump-009; Pumpkin trunk call .
Other horses to score for P atton included Selskar Abbot, winner of two King's Plates at Newmarket in the 1950s, Trunk Call, La Vulgan and Brown Boy, who was ridden successfully by Terry Casey on several occasions.
4* Trunk call Elephant-back safaris are popular, so it pays to pre-book.
GROWING INTEREST Georgia Wilkes at work in her family's allotment TRUNK CALL Alex Metcalf listens in to the Alnwick Garden lime tree
Bosses at Twycross Zoo, near Tamworth, made a trunk call to announce their new arrival, who came into the world after his mum, Noorjahan, was artificially inseminated.
IT NEEDED an urgent trunk call to a top London dentist when Merseyside's most lovesick elephant realised his chat-up techniques were too painful.
TRUNK CALL Memorise This will help ensure you don't miss that important date
SHARP FIGHTING The frenetic action in 13 Assassins a real treat WAIL GOOD J You'll need tissues TRUNK CALL Vet Jacob chills with an elephant GEARING UP nHold on to your hats CHARM Jacob and Marlena LACKS BITE J Priest isn't perfect
TRUNK CALL Cassop Primary School pupil Elle Smithson sits in a storytelling chair in the school's secret garden.
elephants in Lichfield Road, Aston, Birmingham, make a trunk call - to drum up business for Barnum and Bailey's circus in 1899.
TRUNK CALL Elephants from sponsor Admiral Insurance's internet branch elephant.