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the section of a band or orchestra that plays trumpets or cornets

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THE trumpet section of the London Symphony Orchestra and a box of fireworks.
Michael Fleming, center, performs with the trumpet section of the ensemble.
Fat Chops appear at the Fletch in Coventry on Monday and don't be surprised if John senior is in the trumpet section - not to mention daughter Joanne on piano.
Then the trumpet section initiates the calypso rhythms in which Trinidadian singer Ozzie Bailey sings,
The event began with fanfare music provided by members of the Houston Symphony trumpet section.
Particularly fine was the trumpet section, led by Greg McEwan with masses of confident aplomb both on the "normal" instrument and the shrillingly querulous piccolo version.
This includes a very strong trumpet section, valved baritone horns and mellophoniums.
I didn't, but I'm confident the trumpet section does.
Lauren McWorter, a junior at Hart High School who plays center snare drum in the award-winning Hart Regiment, will precede the seven-member herald trumpet section Monday as it makes its way down Pasadena's Colorado Boulevard.
With the leader's saxophone alongside fellow reed-players Julian Arguelles and Phil Todd and a trumpet section of Martin Shaw and Noel Langley, there is no shortage of star names.
Ross, who will be accompanied by a 100-member children's gospel choir and the trumpet section from the Broadway play "Blast," will precede the first-ever Grand Slam singles final to be scheduled in prime time.
Happy couples can sit in splendid isolation on gold-sprayed chairs called thrones, as flags bearing their initials flutter from the trumpet section of the local brass band.
Of particular interest here is that Lichfield resident/ Birmingham Conservatoire student Nick Dewhurst is in the trumpet section.
A BIG band trumpet section usually has one high note specialist who provides the thrilling screech at the top of climatic chords.
Michael's College Book Award; MVP in band, three years; The All "A" Award, two years; Nasiatka Award Nominee, Boys State, election officer; Academic Achievement Award, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy; band and jazz band trumpet section leader.