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Synonyms for truly

Synonyms for truly

Synonyms for truly

in accordance with truth or fact or reality

by right


with sincerity

in fact (used as intensifiers or sentence modifiers)

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The move is supposed to be good for her dad, but Truly struggles with being displaced.
From the perspective of the participating cosmetic brands, the Truly Yours box is an entirely new way of introducing the target group to their brands and/or new products, as well as enabling new customers to be reached.
SAVE: pounds 2 SIDE Truly Irresistible Corolle Potatoes (750g), were pounds 2, now pounds 1.
It's a wise book, with Baker letting the reader gently ease into discovering its magic, much as Truly patiently reveals Tabitha's secrets.
The new Ford management team needs to take the dramatic steps to assure that they will be a truly global player and leverage their global resources to the best of their ability.
The solution, consolidation, will occur as soon as the construction market becomes truly competitive, and as soon as the contracts between general contractors and owners become a truly fixed cost.
The Bolshoi dancers performed as though they truly believed in this grandiose world.
I also cannot say anything that could truly reflect the awe and respect the great men and women of our military inspire within me.
That's because most of our medical peers feel that once you have gone into management, you are truly not a doctor any longer--you drank from the Kool-Aid.
April marks the launch of Almay's new Truly Lasting Color ( the first moisture-rich, 12 hour lip colour that loves your lips
He added, "Mississippi is struggling to fund its Medicaid program to help truly needy citizens.
Take some time to truly enjoy it, right here and right now.
Major gift donors are truly stakeholders in organizations in which they invest.