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Were this not the case, some possibly true statement or statements would imply that "nothing exists" is also possibly true.
Fifty true statements and 50 false statements were used for the experiment, no statement was presented more than once during a session, and these statements were presented in a randomized order for each participant.
If it is false, he said, its collision with truth can lead to a "clearer perception" of what the true statement has going for it as defenders more closely examine their reasoning.
Which one of the following is a true statement with respect to pediatric onychomycosis?
Tell students that when they're called up to the board, they'll place one sticky note inside each rectangle they think contains a TRUE statement.
That said, if you want to have a true statement piece take a look at Italian manufacturer Falpa's "George" range.
The pointed edge sets this stunning accessory apart, making it a true statement piece that will transition from season to season and accent any outfit.
If it means there is none, that was a completely true statement.
This is a true statement for most women, regardless of their age or race.
A true statement from the data from that study would be: If your baby tests positive for peanut allergy, your child is probably not allergic to peanuts.
Her edgy, oversized graphic tee (which reads "Brain First Body 2nd," a true statement piece) and casual cutoff ripstop shorts contrast with her tailored long-sleeved maroon leotard.
Kosovo's agreement to the new EULEX mandate and the establishment of the Special Court is a key step in Kosovo's EU-progress and a true statement to the world.
This is a very true statement but golfers still spend more time hitting drivers and irons on the driving range.
But is a DU tag a true statement of one's potential?
If ever there was a true statement, it was that one," said Moyes.