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marked by unswerving loyalty

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Some red hots and true blues may describe themselves as being more green than they actually are.
In the true blue environment, no one person should be "bossy" because that might be upsetting for some people.
of course, it is difficult to get committees to come up with bold courses of action, and it is even more difficult to achieve unanimous consensus (the true blue ideal), so not that many decisions are made in these cultures.
The true blue culture is possible only in small organizations serving stable and secure market segments.
Unlike true blue consideration, bureaucracies follow impersonal guidelines to the letter.
However, there is some bit of danger in asking these questions, because true blue interviewers expect that everyone should love their organizations, and some red hots and bureaucrats think only unappreciative rebels have problems fitting in.
Words like "opportunity" are essentially claims of being hot red; "independence, creativity, problem solving" are claims that an organization is cool green; "We're just one big happy family" or "The world's nicest people work here" would denote a true blue image.
Gregg worked with Bill Kenwright to buy the club in 1999 and the pair formed True Blue Holdings, the company which now owns more than 70 per cent of Everton.
Kenwright and Gregg are the two biggest shareholders of True Blue, with fellow Goodison board members Arthur Abercromby and John Woods also holding shares.
Gregg believes the constitution of True Blue is putting off new investors.
The constitution of True Blue makes it very difficult for other investors to be part of Everton Football Club because the control of the club is within True Blue.
At the moment, investors could put money into the club but still not have a voice in how it goes forward if they are not part of True Blue.
To make the change the shareholders in True Blue must vote for it.