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an indictment endorsed by a grand jury

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No state, court justice, senator, representative, no president can impel the people to separate from laws established within the true Bill of Rights or histories dearly bound to that Declaration.
Your action, therefore, should be reasonably prompt in either voting an indictment as to the charge or returning a "no true bill.
Klayman, the Citizens' Prosecutor, issued the following statement: "The Citizens' Grand Jury, after having deliberated, yesterday issued a true bill of indictment.
returned a true bill, but other than that we have no information on
Privately printed in 1861 and long out of print until The True Bill Press under the editorship of Ben Wynne has newly published this 176-page annotated edition, "'The Personal Observations of a Man of Intelligence': Notes of a Tour in North America in 1861" is a record Scottish Conservative and landed aristocrat Sir James Fergusson made while on a three-month tour of the United States and Canada from August through October of that year.
But the National Audit Office watchdog reckons the true bill is twice that.
It is true Bill Clinton's presidency began with some rhetorical flourishes about spreading democracy.
The true bill forthe police crackdown on anti-war protester Brian Haw in Parliament Square last year exceeded pounds 111,000, new figures revealed yesterday.
The figure of pounds 431million, though widely quoted, was never the true bill but only a final estimate.
The opposition Labour group claims the true bill has been grossly under-estimated because it does not include the time of officers.