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Synonyms for trudge

Synonyms for trudge

to walk heavily, slowly, and with difficulty

Synonyms for trudge

a long difficult walk

Related Words

walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud

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Other Hawaiian troupes have performed at Carnegie Hall, and New Yorkers have trudged though at least one blizzard to see them.
After you've trudged through the overcrowded mall, just when you're about to concede and settle for a bag of gift certificates, consider one more stop .
He trudged the one-a-half-mile-wide fast flowing river at low tide - when it is up to 6ft deep.
It was an emaciated Wiesenthal, weighing but 99 pounds when he was liberated from a death camp, who trudged up four flights of stairs to arrest an SS officer near Munich; he was so weak his prisoner had to carry him down.
They trudged sheepishly into the centre circle to take the boos of some fed-up Wear fans.
Clad in the floor-length skirt and long, fitted jacket that one sees in turn-of-the-century photographs of Ellis Island immigrants, she trudged as though her legs were made of melting lead and coped with two equally leaden suitcases.
One elderly woman, adorned with a halo of snow-white hair, trudged through the whole pavilion without raising her eyes even to the tsuki no ishi itself.
Some trudged through the coned slalom, others bogged down as they tried to navigate the deep sandy mesa and a few were swallowed up, needing to be towed.
With Danny Sandoval running for Burrell at third, rookie first baseman Ryan Howard hit Brazoban's next pitch far over the center-field wall, and Brazoban again trudged dejectedly off the field.
And fashion designer Stella, mum of three-month-old Miller, trudged through central London on the way to meet pals for lunch.
who trudged along with fixed, determined gazes, so keen were they on accomplishing this task.
Not surprisingly, the actress was missing her trademark smile as the couple trudged along a London street in heavy drizzle yesterday.
Everyone trudged home except for VIPs, who hit the Hugo hotel suite for an early breakfast of hash browns, pancakes, eggs and coffee.
SAUGUS - Pulling a handcart loaded with groceries, Peter Kaulbach trudged Tuesday up Bouquet Canyon Road, which washed away just below his home in a rush of muddy water.
As Ortiz rounded the bases, the Angels trudged off the field, into their cramped clubhouse, and onto a plane ride into next year.