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Synonyms for trudge

Synonyms for trudge

to walk heavily, slowly, and with difficulty

Synonyms for trudge

a long difficult walk

Related Words

walk heavily and firmly, as when weary, or through mud

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It's still dark as I rattle along in the Meat Wagon, and it's still dark when I emerge at the other end and trudge into Stalag Chronicle, leaving my name, number and identity at the door for the next 12 hours.
A brief trudge through this down-to-earth night sky, Floor Space, 2001, led to Blarney's second piece, Wall Space, 2001, a projection of a similarly starlit sky onto a large blank canvas casually propped against a wall.
Wouldn't it be great at the end of each run not to trudge uphill hauling a heavy sled?
com, an Avis Europe plc company, aims to meet the growing demand from consumers who want to buy high quality, good value used cars without having to trudge around garage after garage and without being shadowed everywhere they go by high pressure sales tactics from used car salesmen.
The only event worth watching is that one where they trudge through the snow, fire a few shots, and then trudge some more.
Finally, there begins, for the eye, the long trudge back up the picture, against the downward flow of the water, through the patchwork of fields, each patch lying in some provocative disharmony with its neighbor.
It's another 9 1/2 miles to climb out of the canyon to the South Rim via the Bright Angel Trail, with a trudge along switchbacks that relentlessly ascend 4,370 feet.
They determinedly trudge round to deliver the leaflets, knock on the doors and make the telephone calls.
Unlike Visual Cafe and Visual J++, which require developers to trudge through the tedious edit, compile, load, and test cycle, SuperCede allows developers to interactively assemble applications and work at the rate that they think, while at the same time bringing C++ speed and performance to the run time/execution world of Java.
Pizza Hut has the gall to call them team members, while leaving them to trudge home alone at night.
that is a welcome break in the inexorable trudge to tragedy.
30am and left to trudge home in just his pyjamas and slippers.
Many of them ask you to ``play the movie,'' forcing you to trudge though recycled scenery and re-execute the same stuff you saw on the big screen.
Enduring the 2 1/2-hour trudge from Los Angeles out to Indio, the massive crowds and stifling body heat, dust-ridden windstorms, two-hour traffic leaving the parking lot and the bureaucratic consumerism of the annual Coachella Festival just to experience the intense energy of the ever-youthful Beastie Boys in their first local show in five years was more than worth it.
And as the four hours of the miniseries trudge and then shriek along, the viewer's crazed whimsy with the proceedings diminishes decisively.