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someone who drives a truck as an occupation

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Ismail Khan, president of Shangla truckers association, said district nazim, MPAs, and district administration officials visited them and assured them of support.
Expanding on the success of the Trucker Path app, Trucker Path also introduced the Truckloads app, a mobile marketplace providing freight load matching with over 3 million loads posted monthly.
But TOLA ADENUBI reveals the 'softer' side of the ordeal of the truckers and their assistants which plays out under the flyovers and truck rear.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-June 8, 2016-TomTom announces availability of MyDrive Route Planning for truckers
The figure demonstrates the payoff to an individual trucker of having a CB radio as a function of the percentage of other truckers using a CB.
The strike in Gharbeya and other governorates is still active, and those who [mistakenly] quit the strike will resume striking," the Gharbeya trucker said.
There are giant mega truckers such as YRC and mid-sized firms such as Wabash Valley Trucking of Texas.
Release date- 27112009 - Lippstadt: Hella, the lighting and electronics experts, publishes two new, high-quality brochures to present all trucker and off-road products as of October.
Al Sila: Saudi authorities opened their borders fully for several hours overnight on Saturday, partially clearing a backlog of stranded truckers that snaked back nearly 40km into the UAE.
While new talks with trucker representatives were held in Madrid, authorities in northern Spain ordered emergency measures after many petrol stations in the Catalonia region ran completely out of petrol and diesel.
Trucker Robert Griffith is on the road three weeks out of four, pulling oversize loads like crane booms, railroad ties and air conditioning ducts.
The research revealed a highly mobile, international trucker community passing through the customs area at Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, a city of about a quarter million inhabitants at the border with Paraguay and Argentina.
Picture a large-gutted, left-arm-tanned trucker grinding the gears of his 18-wheeler down the Trans-Canada on zero sleep, racing a trailer full of confectionary goods to some warehouse in Moose Jaw.
We need to change this country," said trucker Rodolfo Pinera, a Salvadoran immigrant.
Once a trucker is caught red-handed, GAM officials would take the proper action against him, either financially or legally in addition to forcing the trucker to reload the refuse and unload it at the proper dumpsite.