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someone who drives a truck as an occupation

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27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- NEXT Trucking, a national transportation technologies company, today announced the launch of an online marketplace and mobile app that make it easier for truckers to find desirable jobs.
AS) announced on Wednesday that it has introduced the compact TomTom TRUCKER 5000, as an addition to its portable navigation device line-up.
Trucker to Trucker also provides digital marketing services like website design, promotion, and inventory management for dealers and other high volume sellers.
This new drama series features the exploits of a gang of truckers in the Midlands, with Stephen playing main character Malachi, who is trying to come to terms with the end of his marriage.
Although real prices declined dramatically throughout the 1960s owing to technological advances, prices in 1974 ranged from $150 for a low-end unit up to $700 for the most capable models; adding the price of an antenna meant that a basic setup would set the average trucker back at least $180 dollars (Phalon 1974, 38).
The trucker also claimed that some officials from the commerce chamber, as well as state security officers, tried to exert pressure on the drivers to end the strike.
Let's focus on one segment under great pressure: our truckers.
Release date- 27112009 - Lippstadt: Hella, the lighting and electronics experts, publishes two new, high-quality brochures to present all trucker and off-road products as of October.
Al Sila: Saudi authorities opened their borders fully for several hours overnight on Saturday, partially clearing a backlog of stranded truckers that snaked back nearly 40km into the UAE.
Police escorted petrol tankers into Barcelona yesterday as a protest strike by thousands of truckers against rising fuel prices caused food and fuel shortages and huge tailbacks on the Spanish-French border.
If you can run all week without a flat tire, you're a little bit ahead, otherwise, you're basically just running to put the money right back into the fuel tank," said trucker Benjamin Stanley, 40, of Spotsylvania, Va.
The research revealed a highly mobile, international trucker community passing through the customs area at Foz do Iguacu, Brazil, a city of about a quarter million inhabitants at the border with Paraguay and Argentina.
Picture a large-gutted, left-arm-tanned trucker grinding the gears of his 18-wheeler down the Trans-Canada on zero sleep, racing a trailer full of confectionary goods to some warehouse in Moose Jaw.
We need to change this country," said trucker Rodolfo Pinera, a Salvadoran immigrant.
Once a trucker is caught red-handed, GAM officials would take the proper action against him, either financially or legally in addition to forcing the trucker to reload the refuse and unload it at the proper dumpsite.