truck farming

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growing vegetables for the market

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Primarily rural with dairy, horse and truck farming, it was a market-basket for the metropolis.
To wit: Subsistence truck farming makes for colorful ethnic tableaux, and for a devastating, very uncolorful loss of topsoil and minerals.
Interior Department officials agreed that the allotment would permit "small truck farming," but argued that the use of water in Scotty's Junction will not adversely affect the park.
Polk County promoted corporate truck farming as an investment opportunity, and the County's publicity department promoted the region as a "small empire" in which investors could expect to profit from agricultural and mining resources that could be sold throughout the eastern corridor (3; [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED]).
Industrialization and urbanization in the northeast, combined with western agricultural expansion and technological developments, led to a shift in eastern agriculture to truck farming for the growing urban industrial workforce.