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Synonyms for truancy

Synonyms for truancy

an unexcused absence

Synonyms for truancy

failure to attend (especially school)


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Right now, school administrators, court personnel and elected officials are wading through nearly 100 pages of what was House Bill 2398, but will on September 1 become the state's new truancy law.
The new collection of data reveals that while dropout rates appear to be declining, truancy and chronic truancy in Chicago and Illinois appear to be dramatically escalating.
Wyoming and Texas are the only two states that try truancy cases against minors in adult court.
The message to parents is that we are working together to combat truancy and that parents need to take responsibility in ensuring their children attend school every day.
Local schools with persistent truancy have worked with pupils and Kirklees Council in an effort to reduce the problem.
Around 66,000 pupils of all ages skipped school sessions without permission on a typical day in 2009/10 through truancy, family holidays, illness and other reasons, analysis of the figures suggests.
Constable Les Harvey, leader of the truancy team, said: "One mum had phoned the school to say they were ill when in fact they were queuing up.
Part of the impetus for starting the truancy car was a spike in burglaries at the beginning of the year that were being committed by youths, Deputy Michael Montesdeoca said.
5 days - almost half the term - through truancy, sickness and other reasons.
The number of parents fined for letting their children bunk has soared, but truancy figures have gone up too.
The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention introduces Tool Kit for Creating Your Own Truancy Reduction Program, which serves as a resource for communities striving to address the problem.
The report shows truancy and unauthorised absence are on the rise in almost all parts of the region.
YOUNGSTERS found skipping classes will be swept off the streets and back into school as part of a truancy crackdown.
EDINBURGH has been named as Scotland's truancy blackspot.
According to Department of Education figures, the drive to cut truancy continues to make 'significant headway'.