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a system of weights used for precious metals and gemstones

an ancient city in Asia Minor that was the site of the Trojan War

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The first season built gradually, introducing the womanizing Troy and the slightly clueless family man McNamara, then exposing their flaws and their humanity and hinting at the history of Troy and McNamara's wife, Julia (Joely Richardson).
Troy signed a document stating she was the vice president and general manager, owned 10,000 shares of stock and was part owner in the agency.
LPPM is a very good way to produce high-quality castings with excellent yield," said Tom Hurley, Bodine executive vice president and Troy plant manager.
We are very pleased today to welcome Troy Smith into the DeBartolo Sports family.
The petulant Achilles (a rock-hard Brad Pitt, well-cast even if he sometimes feels like an anachronism in this ancient setting) has come along with Agamemnon to add a few pages to his legend, which puts him on a collision course with the noble Hector (Eric Bana), protector of the walled city of Troy.
Troy Prehar brings 10 years of highly successful Sales and Marketing Leadership experience to our newly formed Consulting Group.
Westlake cruised through Troy (12-7) over the first two games.
There's just so much hype playing against Troy,'' Saugus forward Julia Bradley said.
Document fraud not only jeopardizes the reputation of a company, but can also lead to significant financial losses," stated Larry Landtiser, executive vice president and general manager for TROY Group Inc.
Mr Tommy McKeith has been appointed Chief Executive Officer ("CEO") and an Executive Director of Troy effective 3rd April 2006.
By utilizing TROY Checkwriting Software - Teller Edition, financial institutions eliminate the need for long wait times and mail delivery of personalized cheques.
WEST PERTH, Western Australia -- Troy Resources NL ("Troy") (ASX:TRY)(FWB:TRW) enhanced its reputation for being one of Australia's lowest cost and most profitable gold producers today when it announced its average cash cost was A$173 an ounce (US$127) in the December quarter.