trout lily

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eastern North American dogtooth having solitary yellow flowers marked with brown or purple and spotted interiors

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Locally farmed Sunburst Trout is a particularly ubiquitous example: it's available at Earth Fare, French Broad Food Co-op, Greenlife Grocery, Hendersonville Community Co-op, Ingles, Poppies, Trout Lily Market and beyond.
For example, the common trout lily of northeastern forests does this, as do some begonias.
The American name is trout lily and refers to the juicy leaves of fresh green subtly marbled with chestnut, a perfect foil for the cool lemon flowers.
But on his acreage you can be just an instant from trillium, twin leaf, and trout lily.
Katy] picked a hyacinth, a hydrangea, a chrysanthemum, an African violet, a lily of the valley, a trout lily, a bleeding heart, a jack-in-the-pulpit, and an Asiatic lily.
Flowers Trees hyacinth hemlock hydrangea red bud chrysanthemum red maple African violet tulip lily of the valley sweet gum trout lily honeylocust bleeding heart ginkgo jack-in-the-pulpit paper birch Asiatic lily flowering dogwood
The American trout lily (Erythronium revolutum) will grow to nearly twice the height and has reflexed petals on the mottled flowers.