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a brownish iron sulfide mineral (FeS) having weak magnetic properties

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Where the dominant contaminant is iron sulfide in the mackinawite or troilite form, a noticeable reddish color will occur in treated samples almost immediately.
The team considered several candidate sources, including metallic iron, but settled on iron atoms coming from fluffy bits of troilite (FeS).
He found meteoritic troilite to be isotopically uniform and chose it as a standard.
Minor minerals include schreibersite, rhabdite, troilite, cohenite, graphite, and sphalerite (Buchwald 1975; Dominik 1976).
The 63 papers report on such topics as synthesizing novel chromium oxide using a hydrothermal method and and analyzing its magnetism and structure, phase relations of FeSs-VS2 system and the new phase of the defect troilite structure, particularities of structure and stability of cationic-ordered layered titanates, theoretical studies on the role of transition elements in the stability of magnesium hydride, half a century of nano-anti-ferromagnetism: Richardson's phenomenon and Neel's models, and characterization phenomena and magnetic phase transitions in rare earth intermetallics.
Troilite, usually thought of as a meteoritic mineral, was identified by Gordon (1944) at Llallagua as extremely small crystals to 0.