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one of a group of three sharing public administration or civil authority especially in ancient Rome

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In (1), Menus has the goal and intention to persuade Pompey to give his approval to assassinate the triumvirs.
Il abandonna le titre de triumvir (20) apres 32 tout en conservant, apres cette date, les attributions de cette charge (21).
Following the triumvirs victory at Philippi, the demobilization of troops required the payment of veteran's land benefits to the victorious legions.
The young African made his serious way along the various steps of the normal cursus honorum, with a tour of duty as triumvir capitalis, later quaestor of Sicily, aedile plebis and finally, praetor.
The triumvirs have announced that the merger will be achieved through a public exchange valuing the Canadian group at 34 billion dollars, 77.
Conflict arose between the triumvirs and Caesar's assassins, Brutus and Cassius.
85) A similar approach to "The Second Triumvirate" might perhaps have shown how the triumvirs divided the Roman world among themselves.
The instances where it did happen, namely in the proscriptions of Sulla and the Triumvirs, show very clearly how the interdictio could be taken to its logical conclusion (Strachan-Davidson, vol.
When the triumvirs meet together, he has a hidden goal--to effect a marriage between his sister Octavia and Antony.
But the triumvirs don't have their ducks in a row, and nothing happens until they do.
Nearly as good is the late Margot Heinemann's historical essay, 'Order and Disorder' (1991), evoking the turmoil of Shakespeare's time in relation to the struggle of the triumvirs he depicts.
First, there is Appian's obvious and enormous sympathy for the hunted victims of the triumvirs during the proscriptions of 43/42 B.
Ambitious and power-hungry, he has a vein of chivalric honor which prevents his consenting to the murder of his guests, the Triumvirs, aboard his galley.
In Rome the differences between Antony and the two other triumvirs, Octavius Caesar and Lepidus, are patched up by Antony's marriage to Octavia, the sister of Octavius.
The period of the triumvirs is the topic of the next chapter.