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Synonyms for triturate

to break up into tiny particles

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In the past, it has simply been stated that isopods do little more than triturate the litter in which they live.
In case that a mans mouth be sore, take betony and triturate it, lay it on the lips.
Patent and Trademark Office (PTO) for its patent application "Pharmaceutical Composition for Compressed Annular Tablet with Molded Triturate Tablet for Both Intraoral and Oral Administration", US Patent 10015930.
Sample from older growths were resected under aseptic conditions, triturate the sample in 2 ml of 70 percent alcohol, to inactivate the virus.
The daily reduction rate of total activity (Figure 3) and foraging activity (Figure 4) indicate that most of the homeopathic preparations had a positive effect after 5-6 days of applications, except with the Leucoagaricus triturate nosode application.
Mineral Products: Boron amino acid chelates, calcium amino acid chelates, calcium chloride, calcium lactate, calcium citrus soluble chelates, chromium amino acid chelates, chromium polynicontinate, copper amino acid chelates, iron amino acid chelates, iron fumerate, magnesium amino acid chelates, magnesium citrate, magnesium oxide, manganese amino acid chelates, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, selenium triturate, zinc amino acid chelates, zinc chloride, zinc gluconate, zinc oxide, zinc picolinate
As the results shown, the ellipse model has the higher deformation and lower stress than sphere model and lower stress concentration phenomenon that can decrease the triturate.