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musical time with three beats in each bar

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She stuck wiggles and squiggles on steps--a kind of coloring outside the lines--and loved to suddenly spaz in double- or triple-time, a musical impertinence that signaled her impatience with the status quo.
However, in this unusual Michigan case, two nurse-supervisors were ultimately terminated because they were overly generous in awarding both double-time and triple-time pay for additional work.
Single-time swing gives you the jitterbug style, double-time swing is Rock 'n Roll, while triple-time swing covers the 30s to the present.
It's now evident that this sequence of bars will produce a triple-time effect: five ternary measures of clusters--a rousing carillon, ideal for accompanying simple improvised dances.
Horseracing had to cancel six scheduled meetings on January 1 because insufficient Tote staff were willing to work-despite a carrot of triple-time wages
Probably the only names here known to non-specialists are Senfl, Vecchi and, more prominently, Gastoldi, whose Alta Mendozza is a persuasive example of the catchy triple-time rhythms so popular at the turn of the 17th century.
xxvii/9, xxviii/86 and xxvii/43) are described as being `based on triple-time four-bar sequences of notes that offer few opportunities for straying from the tonic, dominant and subdominant'.
In the finished version of the ode in C618, the music begins with a short French-style prelude, divided into a grand opening section in duple time and a triple-time canzona; there follows a long verse for alto, tenor and bass beginning in [cents] and changing to a (6/2).
One of those plants that does triple-time as food, seasoning and medicine, garlic's clinical trials all point to its effectiveness in lowering "bad" (LDL) cholesterol levels and inhibiting atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).
For his solos on songs like "Stagger Lee" and "Reno Factory" he unleashed a volley of growls and slurs, wails and trills and triple-time train effects that melded bits of Terry and Sonny Boy Williamson and Little Walter into an uncanny and prodigious onslaught.
The triple-time world champion was reportedly found clocking 61.
Just as the Cudi track's descending-hammer bassline builds in tandem with a triple-time breakbeat, the lights black out and the music stops dead.
What she forgot to say was that, on a holiday, she stands there at triple-time pay.
Dragotin Cvetko edited both the Harmoniae morales and Moralia for publications issued in 1966 and 1968 by Slovenska matica in Ljubljana, but regrettably he altered accidentals and obscured the notation of triple-time sections.
Editing has generally involved minimal intervention, keeping original note-values, including those in the rare triple-time sections, and only occasionally adding editorial accidentals.