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(of a leaf shape) thrice pinnate


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laminatawith a bright pink upright tripinnate spike, were seen.
Distinguishing features: Large leaves, up to tripinnate, with a robust main rachis and with pecopteroid to cladophlebaid pinnules.
Inflorescence globose-capitate, corymbose, tripinnate, 5.
7) by a tripinnate, 65 cm long, striate, fragmentary primary rachis, 2 cm wide near the base, and 1.
Inflorescence bipinnate to inconspicuously tripinnate at base, cylindrical, erect, 13-21 (-30) cm long, fascicles subdensely (toward the base) to densely (near the apex) arranged, 1-3 cm apart, bearing 3 to 5 fascicles densely aggregated at extreme apex, rachis 0.