trip the light fantastic

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The reason we care: A gay couple attempt to trip the light fantastic and end up tripping ever each other en route.
LAST ONE The finalists trip the light fantastic at the Tower Ballroom in Blackpool.
Trip the light fantastic and try out the jive, cha cha cha, waltz and quickstep in our Essentially Dance session .
TEA dancers who trip the light fantastic at Birmingham's Tower Ballroom will soon be seen on the small screen.
The Oscar-nominated actress is well equipped to wield a samurai sword in a tracksuit as Tarantino's vengeful heroine The Bride, or trip the light fantastic with John Travolta at Jack Rabbit Slim's, but when it comes to pratfalls and snappy one-liners, Thurman looks ill at ease.
Richard Gere (top) gets to trip the light fantastic once again in this likeable romance.
It's another sample of her third album Trip The Light Fantastic album which follows on May 21.
FRANKIE Dettori is hoping to trip the light fantastic at Royal Ascot.
ST HELENS will trip the light fantastic in a bid to add the World Club Championship to their Super League crown.
Shine on: Trip the light fantastic with this handblown glass lantern, pounds 80, at Bhs branches - a great alternative to a chandelier
And they were joined by parents and grandparents eager to see if their little ones could trip the light fantastic.
Sophie's third album, Trip The Light Fantastic, is filled with signature dance nuggets, inspired by the changes in her life.