trip the light fantastic

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you need to be the one tripping the switch which helps you to trip the light fantastic.
Dance fans can trip the light fantastic as the Byram Arcade is transformed into a ballroom from 11am to 7pm today with dances from 1pm.
Sky Sports' voice of the oche is walking, talking proof that it isn't just in the West End where the son of a Geordie miner gets to trip the light fantastic.
SOPHIE Ellis-Bextor, left, is in the studio working on her fourth album - the follow-up to her 2007 hit, Trip the Light Fantastic.
It's another sample of her third album Trip The Light Fantastic album which follows on May 21.
ELENA BALTACHA has gone 'Strictly Come Dancing' in her bid to trip the light fantastic at Wimbledon, writes FRANK WIECHULA.
Well, she doesn't trip the light fantastic until toward the end of ``Shall We Dance?
The festive strains of Stan Rubin's Orchestra encouraged all to trip the light fantastic.
But before you trip the light fantastic with a glowing sphere, a miniature lamp post or even a beaded, crystal number, it's worth considering how and where to use table lamps.
But then again, for those days when you need a real pick-me-up, just turn up the volume and trip the light fantastic around your living room.
The reason we care: A gay couple attempt to trip the light fantastic and end up tripping ever each other en route.