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Synonyms for trimming

Synonyms for trimming

Synonyms for trimming

the act of adding decoration

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a decoration or adornment on a garment

cutting down to the desired size or shape

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The machine is being pitched as an alternative to manual trimming which is a dusty, time-consuming process that can create a harsh working environment for employees and part quality issues for manufacturers.
Beak trimming in laying hens is the removal of about 1/3-1/2 of the upper and lower beak of the young chicken, commonly using a hot-blade which simultaneously amputates and cauterizes.
Settings can be changed even during the trimming process, without having to first stop the machine.
Even trimming them every three years may not have helped this summer, said Ronald Lorenzen, street tree superintendent for Los Angeles.
One specialty is making dies for slitting and trimming duck bills and check valves.
Weyerhaeuser's paperboard mill in Sturgeon Falls Ontario had a difficult winder trimming problem.
The Air Force says the potential solutions include: trimming them, cutting them down, or moving the runway (at a cost of $80 million).
Using the patented Tri-line as well as the hard-working plastic-metal edged blades, Trim-A-Lawn trimmers make short work of almost any yard trimming project.
Responding to health concerns about saturated fats and cholesterol, many consumers are trimming away fats on meat.
Trained professionals from Asplundh Tree Experts, who consider the overall health of the trees as they trim using as few cuts as possible, perform PECO's trimming work.
Includes forming and trimming machinery, auxiliaries, components, and controls.
SANTA CLARITA - Tree trimming at Santa Clarita Park drew the ire of a local environmentalist Wednesday, but city officials countered her claim that they had put migratory birds at risk and said they are following federal guidelines.
What: RoboLase pre-engineered laser trimming system
The trimming was done by scalpel-wielding technicians.