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The European Commission acts as a mediator in the latest round of trilateral talks that started in March 2015.
The main task of the consultation was to prepare for the 7th trilateral foreign ministers' meeting in late March, according to China's foreign ministry.
Gerhard Wahlers, Deputy Secretary General and Head of European and International Cooperation of Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) will be the guest of honor, while Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed, in his address, will also underline the need of Joint Trilateral Youth Summer Camps and Annual Trilateral Media Conference to promote peopletopeople contacts between the three neighbors.
Secretary Commerce, Shahzad Arbab, Acting Minister for Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan, Muzammil Shinwari and Deputy Minister for Commerce of Tajikistan, Saeed Rehman led their respective delegations for 1st ExpertLevel Group Meeting on Trilateral Transit Trade Agreement among Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
The three countries have expressed their common willingness and intention to organise a trilateral summit as soon as possible.
The Iranian and the Belarusian teams that had both beaten the Czech team played the trilateral tournament's final match on Sunday evening.
com, journalists representing the Global Times, an affiliate of the ruling Communist Party of China's (CPC) People's Daily publication group, paid a visit to Pakistan and sought views from scholars of Islamabad Institute of Strategic Studies (IISS) on a likely India-China-Pakistan trilateral cooperation.
The Ankara Trilateral Summit would carry forward the process of constructive engagement and leadership exchanges on the evolving situation as well as matters of common interest.
Both China and South Korea seemed to acknowledge that the trilateral relations are important," he also said, at a time when North Korea's nuclear ambitions threatens peace and security in the region.
Representing the United States at the trilateral meeting was Glyn Davies, special representative for North Korean policy.
Summary: Last month, the leaders of China, Japan, and South Korea agreed to begin negotiations later this year on a trilateral free-trade agreement, or FTA.
Summary: ABU DHABI -- The UAE's anti-money laundering agency has discussed the formation of a trilateral committee with the United States and Russian Federation on exchanging information on the suspected financial flows into each other's countries.
In a written statement released Thursday, the Bosnia-Herzegovina Tripartite Presidency said that Ambassador Yildiz and Komsic discussed the reforms Bosnia-Herzegovina needs to make in order to become a NATO member, the trilateral meeting of Bosnia-Herzegovina-Serbia-Croatia that took place in Sarajevo last week, and the trilateral meeting to take place between Bosnia-Herzegovina-Turkey-Serbia.
ISLAMABAD (PAN): Peace in Afghanistan could not be achieved without support from Pakistan and Iran, some Pakistani political analysts said, adding the proposed trilateral meeting among heads of the three countries in Islamabad would discuss their role in the peace process.
The foreign ministers of Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey today will hold a meeting to discuss trilateral ties in various economic and political sectors.