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Synonyms for trigger-happy

irresponsible in the use of firearms

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marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions

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During this operation I had to face trigger-happy, heavily-armed Pakistani forces, who just killed a media person who had tried to reach to them.
On Clinton, Trump said, "Her policies have produced only death, destruction and not diplomacy, She's trigger-happy.
Trigger-happy combat is substituted for stealth but there is the glut of PS4 enhancements to further stoke your fire.
Joined by his niece's boyfriend and a trigger-happy sheriff, he embarks on a daring crusade to save her.
No I am not happy, I don't think anyone can be with trigger-happy police.
THE GREATEST SHOWS ON EARTH, Channel 4, 10pm WHEN it comes to prank shows, nobody takes trigger-happy TV quite so literally as Egypt.
Following a trio of twentysomething female friends (including Kate Bosworth) whose camping trip to a remote island--unexpectedly inhabited by trigger-happy young war vets becomes a nightmare, the short pic overstays its welcome through inauthentic chick-flick banter and survivalist action so ineptly staged as to appear laughable.
YESTERDAY'S opener at Beverley was only a six-runner maiden auction but it produced no end of in-running carnage for some trigger-happy punters.
The URL address for the article contained the following verbiage that illustrates the true intent behind the question, "Are guns evil or is it our trigger-happy culture?
BARON "SCOOTER" PIKES, a 21-year-old Black man, was tasered to death by Scott Nugent, a trigger-happy, white police officer in Winnfield, Louisiana, in July.
McClaren has publicly vowed to battle on but has told football friends the FA are likely to get trigger-happy sooner rather than later.
This is bad news for Boog, but good news for the trigger-happy hunter (Gary Sinise) anxious to add Boog's head to his trophy wall.
And, just by chance, trigger-happy cop Ana Lucia feels much the same way.
Edward Hardwicke is the avuncular pipe-smoking veteran presiding over this madhouse, Clive Mantle the trigger-happy redneck and Joe Shaw the young Harvard graduate who wonders what he's got himself into.
Five years of being detained by the cartoon in chief and his trigger-happy toon pals can do that to a girl.