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Synonyms for trig

to make neat and trim; make presentable

Synonyms for trig

the mathematics of triangles and trigonometric functions

neat and smart in appearance

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As part of a diverse portfolio of energy resources, TRIG (TM) technology can be designed and configured to help meet U.
At least one thing should be clear: Obama and his fellow Democrats do not plan to establish "death panels," and Palin doesn't need to worry about her parents and baby Trig.
com)-- After thousands of votes were counted, Trig Modern in downtown Raleigh emerged as The Best Place to Buy Contemporary Furniture in the Triangle in 2015, according to readers of Triangle Downtowner magazine.
The image of 6-year-old Trig, presumably preparing to wash dishes, and the reclining and seemingly relaxed black Lab-type animal is posted on the former Alaska governor's Facebook page.
Shares of Trig Social Media AB have been tradable in the General Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since 18 September.
My mother did not carry me around under her arm like a loaf of French bread the way former Governor Palin carries her son Trig around looking for sympathy and votes," the omitted line from the letter allegedly read.
Sarah Palin strongly criticized an episode of Fox's series "Family Guy" on Tuesday for mocking her youngest son Trig.
Trig organised a meal out after the game for his family at the Wollaston Inn, in Northants.
TRIG was charged with producing a consensus view on the way forward.
In the map area of Middlesbrough, for instance, there are 30 trig pillars waiting to be rediscovered, the highest at Round Hill and the lowest near the Billingham oil refinery.
Trig can be easy when you break it down and follow the steps outlined here.
I don't think they're going to be talking about that trig problem, but they will remember when they played at Carnegie Hall.
4 Your bud Jamie failed her algebra class in the last semester, so she's going to summer school and is still totally confused about trig concepts.