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divide into three

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Telopodite long, looped, with abrupt narrowing distal to the telopodite coil and with a trifurcate ending (Fig.
4D, E); right paramere enlarged, sickle-shaped, apophysis with triangular medial process and trifurcate apex (Fig.
Says Pelham, using the ports as inserts and molding a trifurcate at the union is an "ideal" approach to both reducing leakage and creating an aesthetically pleasing design.
The final part of this trifurcate text, "Anthony Braxton: Crossroad Axiums," approaches Braxton through implying that his music, and he himself, have been praised for the wrong reasons and often criticized unjustly.
Morphology ranged from bifurcate panicles (simple fork with two segments) to trifurcate to less common multiple divisions with four or more digitate segments (Fig.
Ant IV with a horseshoe-shaped tip (it is not a real papilla), with a special trifurcate chaeta beside it, a pointed and straight chaeta next to the tip, and a small and more rounded "pit" beside the last (Fig.
Marceau, supra note 22, at 1173-75 (arguing that were the Court to deny the right to effective assistance at a preliminary hearing, it would have to trifurcate the counsel right in an unfair and unusual manner).
S8 well-developed, thickly setose along posterior margin and projecting distally as a somewhat trifurcate structure (in ventral view, Fig.
The outcome of the polls is seen as huge disappointment for Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit who had pushed hard to trifurcate the MCD despite stiff resistance from a number of party leaders who had warned that splitting the 53-year-old body ahead of the polls will cost the party dear.
However, the manner in which the decision to trifurcate the MCD was taken by the Centre on the recommendation of the Delhi government could make things difficult for the Congress.
Occasionally, the left main artery can trifurcate into the LAD, the LCX, and a third vessel between the LAD and LCX termed the ramus intermedius artery.
Above all, through the confluence of apparently ordinary situations, like the rivulets feeding Walden Pond, which, in turn, resemble the veins of a leaf or the veins of a human hand, Danticat has created an intricate pattern of sign-images, some of which focus on birth, growth, testing, love, death, that at times bifurcate or trifurcate, leading to other sign-images--all of which emanate from personal sources but lead to unlimited possibilities and beyond that to more heart-wrenching limited probabilities and so create a progressive type of semiotics concerning the open-endedness of language.
Franz Liszt's life was nothing if not picaresque, and Alan Walker's trifurcate Franz Liszt (vol.
The MCA branches may bifurcate or sometimes trifurcate into trunks in this segment, which then extend into branches that terminate towards the cortex.
Maxillary outer lobe trifurcate, with 4 stout sublobal hairs and 1 basal seta.