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one who behaves lightly or not seriously

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This short-lived periodical was edited by Robert Southey after The Trifler had rejected one of his contributions.
I thought but did not say, alas, poor woman' how large a portion of her mortal life demands force or she sinks to a worthless thing--a wretched trifler or a wretched slave.
I don't speak slightingly of Indulgencies themselves, but I laugh at the Folly of my fuddling Companion, who tho' he was the greatest Trifler that ever was born, yet chose rather to venture the whole Stress of his Salvation upon a Skin of Parchment than upon the Amendment of his Life.
A similar move propels the argument launching D'Israeli's negative review of Samuel Pegge's Anonymiana; or Ten Centuries of Observations on various Authors and Subjects, where he declares that antiquarian studies "have received a nobler impulse since the days of Pegge, by their alliance with taste and philosophy; and whenever an antiquary shall now be found a trifler, we may be certain that the fault is more in himself than in his studies; since those studies are not merely curious or entertaining, but may be directed to important purposes.
In order to destroy Kingsley's caricature of him as a trifler with truth, he had to reveal himself fully and explain his motives honestly: "I recognized what I had to do though I shrank from both the task and the exposure which it would entail.
Or again, "In trifles earnest as any man can bee,/ In earnest matters no such trifler as hee" (Puttenham 208-09).
A similar work entitled The Trifler began appearing at Westminster in May 1788.
Trifler came to be commissioned a second lieutenant in the 154th on June 12, 1863, is unknown.
North tells us that Prendcourt's 'contempt of all others even Corelli himself for a trifler, and setting up for a sovereignty of skill in himself, made all the masters of his time deride and despise him'.