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divided into three lobes

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The specimens represent the characters of the Siwalik early hipparionineSivalhippus nagriensis: anterostyle elongated in P2, increasing crown height of maxillary teeth with multiple plications on the posterior border of prefossette and the anterior border of postfossettes, bifid to trifid plicaballins, oval protocone flattened lingually and rounded labially, and hypoglyph deeply incised (Hussain, 1971; MacFadden and Woodburne, 1982; Bernor and Hussain, 1985; Wolf et al.
5-8 x 2-3 cm, discolorous, chartaceous, ovate to elliptic, apex acuminate or slightly emarginate, margins entire or irregularly serrate, base rounded, venation penninerved, both surfaces with tector trichomes restricted to the midrib; tendrils trifid.
One final thrill: On a good night, my little backyard three-inch telescope can make out the Trifid Nebula quite nicely.
The clinical relevance of bifid and trifid mandibulars canals.
There is even a trifid - Trifid Burmarigold - which likes the edges of canals.
Cerci are stout, long and in-curved, with the basal part rounded and the apical part pointed; they appear as trifid because before their apex they have a well-developed upper laterally flattened bulge and an inner long spine (Figs 95-97); the sub-genital plate is concave, triangular and long, with a deep concavity, whose processes are very close to each other (Fig.
2 Very large species, up to 300 mm in length, antennae reaching beyond 4th segment; gonopod telocoxite lacking sclerotised spines, telopodite slender and trifid at apex (Figs 52, 56) 3
in Gymnospermium, with leaf-like and trifid stipules).
Figure 6 presents two images; the first is a typical Zadko Telescope image showing the galaxy M83, the second is M20 the Trifid Nebula.
The shape and arrangement of the lateral-line canals of the head; the slightly curved spine of the first dorsal fin, serrated in the posterior margin and greater than the height of the fin; the uniform height of the second dorsal fin; the size of pectoral fins extending beyond insertion of pelvic fins; the trifid clasper which forks about a quarter of the total length and a black uniform coloration which differentiates this species from others described in the region.
argentina (compare Parra & Santos-Salas, 1991: figs 1-3) but differing in shape of trifid uncus, bilobed and shorter saccus, in configuration of juxta and its lateral appendages, and in valve costa, hunched at middle.
At least some leaves dentate, incised, trifid, pinnatifid, or pinnatisect 33 33(32).
5 mm long, thecae separated in the proximal 1/4 of their length, connective not projected, pistillode trifid, 0.
Munich, August 27 (ANI): A new image by the European Southern Observatory (ESO) has captured the different regions of the Trifid Nebula, which is a rare combination of three nebula types, as seen in visible light.