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Synonyms for tried

tested and proved useful or correct

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tested and proved to be reliable

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He and Cole played skate trivia and flopped around on the ground as they tried to Indian leg wrestle.
A 16-year-old co-defendant was ordered in March to be tried as a juvenile.
The ``whole person'' analysis, as it's known, is ``more modern because this generation you have more people who have tried drugs versus the old ways where we'd throw you out if you tried hard drugs,'' said LAPD Commander Kenneth O.
1) no caption (suspect that tried to break into ticket machine)
Knowing Schroeder's ability to rip even when near mortally wounded, I tried to convince him to give Big Ben a chance.
I tried to battle as best I could, but it was a definite struggle out there.
Of course he had no idea what I was doing; we mostly just tried contorted handplants in the shallow end as water went up our noses.
Police suspect that he then tried to lure a child into his car, then went to Pinewood Avenue Elementary in Tujunga and exposed himself to three girls in a bathroom, before going to the 9700 block of Pali Avenue, where he tried to rape a woman in her home.
I tried it and I was doing grinds, then I tried grinding all the way out of it and I did it.
I came back that night and tried to mend it for my mom.