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Up ahead, a hundred yards down, it faded out, slipped under like a socked foot into the clear, trickily surf.
There he plays for them an amalgam of the African American music that is his heritage and his inspiration--blues and jazz, trickily packaged into a European concert style.
Still, although they fail to address the rights of access for people who need to use the conveniences legitimately, this naughty nose-tapper is nicely buffeted electropop, with trickily timed beats, synthesised horns and playful vocal jousting.
Even more trickily, evaluation may be hidden in lexical choice, collocation, or contextual elements.
To make the trickily placed green you need to carry the dip that threatens to sap the strength from your shot.
On a day when the sun at last shone on Centre Court, only for the wind to gust trickily around its roofless arena, Federer powered past Juan Carlos Ferrero 7-6 3-6 6-1 6-3 to take his place in the semi-finals.
Jones makes the paradoxical and parodic case for an American Indian fiction that is new to the extent that it challenges itself to be less rather than more readily identifiable as "Indian"--more homeless in one sense but also more trickily and restlessly able to claim multiple creative and intellectual home spaces.
The government maneuvers trickily and wittily to nurture, multiply, and refurbish its country-specific advantages, which can be attributed to as "pull factors".
The Moon gets into an embrace with sombre Saturn, which still angles up trickily to expansive Jupiter.
If the early sections of On Beauty are filled with unusually graceful stage-setting that quickly grounds the reader in the Belseys' believable world, the novel has Smith paying equal attention, and showing tremendous agility, weaving a plot so trickily intertwined that its complexity may only be suggested, and certainly not summarized, in a review.