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the normal ability to see colors

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We then briefly describe the claims made for trichromacy at normal lighting levels in the reviewed article, and subsequently describe why we have concluded that the statistical analysis in support of these claims is incorrect.
Although the demonstration of trichromacy failure appeared robust, the attribution of the failure to rod contributions was generally not acceptable, as rods were believed to not contribute to visual processing at photopic light levels.
In addition to the admittedly possibly obscure but substantial error the authors' made in their statistical analysis, they have also made a number of claims based on what appears to be some serious confusion about trichromacy and "prime color" theory.
Thornton makes it clear that the trichromacy he speaks of is a system-based trichromacy that resides in the rear of the visual system (cortex), not in the front (retina).
Our article was designed to be consistent with Thornton's conceptualization of trichromacy and his prime color theory.
New World primates' vision changed, too, but not to full trichromacy.
The main finding is that trichromacy confers an advantage when selecting ripe fruits from those at various stages of maturity.
Entirely separate from trichromacy, and without reference to it, Berman has argued that the perception of spatial brightness is related to the ratio of the Scotopic (S) to Photopic (P) lumens [Berman and others, 1990].
Under these conditions, trichromacy and the opponent colors model suggest that luminance will predict brightness perception, at least within the region near the blackbody locus.
Human colour vision is characterised by trichromacy.
Anomalous trichromacy occurs as a result of unequal intragenic recombination that produces hybrid genes (Figure 8b and 8c).