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Synonyms for tributary

a branch that flows into the main stream

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(of a stream) flowing into a larger stream

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paying tribute

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tending to bring about

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However, construction of the dam project on the tributary of the Brahmaputra started in June 2014,' it added.
The Baia tributary, a semi lotic river, differs from others because the low values of dissolved oxygen, turbidity, electric conductivity and depth (Table 1).
The flow of silver was crucial under the tributary system, which interconnected Asia and the other four world economic spheres and facilitated migration across Asia.
of Science and Technology, Trondheim) describes the political circumstances in the tributary lands of the Orkneys, Hebrides, Isle of Man, Iceland, Greenland, Faroes, and Shetland islands vis-a-vis their overlord, the king of Norway, focusing on how and why they became tributaries, and how this was carried out in each case by the Norwegian ruler.
Tributary Systems said it has been an OEM supplier of HP Storage Technology for 15 years and its Storage Director/ViTAL now provides the basis for a Converged Infrastructure (CI) architecture across all HP platforms, including NonStop, Superdome, HP OpenVMS, HPUX and all HP server hardware running Windows, UNIX and Linux.
The source was traced to Laurelvale sewage pumping station in Crumlin which was discharging to an unnamed tributary of the Crumlin River, Antrim Magistrates' Court was told.
Legislation has been introduced in both the House and Senate that would expand wild and scenic designation to include 143 miles of tributary streams, which are highly vulnerable to resource extraction activities.
EPA inspected the facility four times between September 2002 and May 2005, and the inspections identified point source discharges because the company used "deficient or nonexistent" best management practices, that allowed stormwater and "large amounts of solids" to run into the Little Cohas Brook, a tributary of the Merrimack River.
tetralasmus were found in 2004 throughout Brouilletts Creek, a Wabash River tributary (Tiemann 2005).
The creek is a tributary of the Santa Clara River, a normally dry swath that runs from Acton to Oxnard and feeds wells for Ventura County agriculture.
Tributary at New Manchester is a new planned community located approximately 14 miles outside of Atlanta, Georgia.
On each 10-day excursion, the team surveyed dozens of sandbars and beaches between Glen Canyon Dam and the mouth of the Little Colorado River, a tributary that meets the Colorado about 125 km downstream of the dam.
The Mx-40 features dual 10-Gbit/sec XFP line interfaces, eight multi-rate SFP tributary interfaces, and software-programmable multi-rate tributary interfaces for OC-3/12/48 traffic.
They rode from the North Branch of the Potomac on a generally southeast trajectory, up and across one mountain, and down a 'very steep and bad' road to a major Potomac tributary called Patterson's Creek.
We propose if the river and its tributaries share the same taxa, the tributary may well serve as a refuge.