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a trigonometric method of determining the position of a fixed point from the angles to it from two fixed points a known distance apart

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a method of surveying

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Here, we say that a face of a triangulation of A is visible if it is contained in a visible face of conv(A).
In Ott's system, the method of triangulation was used for all measurements of mine fields within the Ostrava coal district.
Triangulation Station will be released on Islet guitarist Mark Thomas' Shape Records label, on limited 12-inch vinyl and download.
The algorithm 1 Fill-in (G, [pi]) below receives a graph G and a permutation [pi] of the set of vertices, and constructs a triangulation H of G such that [pi] is a PES in H, by adding a minimum number of edges to G.
In the first part, the article introduces this typology and distinguishes between two subtypes of method triangulation (data generation and data analysis triangulation) and three subtypes of method parallelization: multivariate designs, research programs, and causal chains, whereas the latter links to current debates in methodological literature.
The triangulation is used as a shape detector of swabs: Falling laser ray creates an arc on the swab.
In the former case, God and religion/spirituality may be overtly called upon by one or both parties to back up their own position and coerce the partner to change, a process we label here as "theistic triangulation.
h] be a triangulation of the domain [OMEGA] consisting of a finite number of open triangular elements K.
It is 70 years since the start of the Ordnance Survey's triangulation of Great Britain.
Then we give some definitions and provide a background to triangulations in general, focusing on Cavalcanti and Mello's (1999) approach to decomposing a polygon boundary representation by a conformal triangulation.
The fail-safe and monitored 4Safe is an active infrared detector that measures distance by triangulation and conforms to BS 7036 (Safety at Powered Doors for Pedestrian Use).
has introduced a compact, single-point industrial gauging sensor based on the principles of laser triangulation.
This study will determine which of the following angular measurements--scapholunate, radiolunate, capitolunate angles, or the triangulation method--has the best intraobserver reproducibility and interobserver reliability in assessing midcarpal alignment.
The R-D1, the first digital rangefinder camera, focuses by using triangulation.
In March 2003, the Fox administration imposed an embargo on black and pinto bean imports from the US, Canada, and Nicaragua to prevent smuggling beans into Mexico via triangulation.