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a trigonometric method of determining the position of a fixed point from the angles to it from two fixed points a known distance apart

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a method of surveying

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Also, the reliance on self-reports raises questions as to whether theistic mediation or triangulation translates into observable differences in communication patterns.
It was demonstrated in [13] that the information available on a particular element of the triangulation is not sufficient for defining the stabilization parameter [tau] in an optimal way and that the orientation of the neighbouring elements has to be taken into account.
To assist in their huge undertaking, over 5,500 triangulation pillars were erected and these are scattered around the country, not only on top of hills and mountains but also hidden away in towns and cities.
ClearCommerce, a provider of fraud prevention and payment processing solutions for online retail, has identified a scam known as triangulation.
I then argue that triangulation doesn't solve the ambiguity problem; that is, it doesn't entail that a being's thoughts and utterances are about distal objects rather than proximal patterns of stimulation.
It uses laser triangulation and has a dynamic laser feedback loop that provides accurate measurement even when there are changes in speed, ambient light, color, temperature of material or plant environmental conditions.
Many other providers have also filed for waivers of the October 1 deadline, and it's no wonder: The expense of upgrading wireless carriers to either a multiple-tower triangulation ("network") system, or to a GPS-type system that locates the user by satellite is staggering.
ImageStation Automatic Triangulation 2001 for automatic aerial triangulation and POS Z/1 510 for direct georeferencing of aerial images.
The method is an easy mathematical principle called triangulation.
Balint case presentations and group process are analyzed to illustrate how physicians get caught in the drama of triangulation and induced into family systems.
In addition to provocatively expressing what de Monchaux calls her own "tailor-made fetishism," this work constitutes an ongoing inquiry into the politics of display--the power relations implicit in the triangulation of presenter, viewer, and viewed object.
Land surveyors used triangulation (a way to measure a straight line over the Earth's curved surface).
We propose a multiresolution triangulation scheme that eliminates the restrictions of the restricted quadtree triangulation and obtains better results.
We show that, if the Delaunay triangulation bas the ratio property introduced in Miller et al.