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divide into triangles or give a triangular form to

measure by using trigonometry

survey by triangulation

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An array of detectors surrounding the container would then monitor the signal, triangulating any points where the beam slows or weakens--spots that might pinpoint cancers.
In no position to spend the speech talking about children's issues, Clinton was triangulating, arguing against both "unwise spending" and "untargeted tax cuts" in order to position himself to dictate the contours of both.
She speaks earnestly of theater as ``a way of triangulating love through a task.
If a company is triangulating its payments and receivables, this data will exist as part of the triangulation matrix.
By triangulating from three or more satellites, a receiver can pinpoint its position with extreme accuracy.
In the days after his retirement, he condemned both parties, triangulating himself above the fray.
By sharing, aggregating and triangulating the attention streams (anonymously and in near real-time) generated by the millions of people using RSS feeds, new possibilities emerge to provide individuals with higher value content.
With more than 8,500 existing sites that need to be mapped, we had to be able to collect locations accurately and more efficiently than we could by measuring distances to property corners and triangulating well, septic and field locations.
Named for its erratic and jerky style of movement, Shakey stands six feet tall and is equipped with a TV camera, a triangulating range finder, bumpers, and a wireless video system.