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divide into triangles or give a triangular form to

measure by using trigonometry

survey by triangulation

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Under our current system, when an individual in the Project Lifesaver program is reported missing, we must deploy a team to where they were last seen and triangulate the search from there," Sloan said.
In a sense, we have to triangulate people, relationships, and their location," says Pfeifer.
Laser scanners project a line of light onto surfaces while cameras continuously triangulate the changing distance and profile of the laser scan line as it sweeps over the contours of the object.
Freeh managed to triangulate the differences between partisan Republicans and Democrats.
Additional questionnaires and/or surveys can be used to triangulate its effectiveness toward a better cultural awareness of others as well asa deeper understanding of their own culture.
Laser scanning, however, in which a laser light is projected onto the component's surfaces while built-in cameras continuously triangulate the changing distance and profile of the laser as it sweeps along, enabled accurate replication of the part in less time.
However, this also gives the even-more-frightening breed of enemy attackers an added edge enabling them to better coordinate, triangulate, and annihilate, making each game played a unique experience.
Through extremes of weather and disease, these scientists dutifully triangulate distances and gather botanical specimens throughout the Peruvian wilderness.
A location-based service can use cellular networks and satellite technology to triangulate between known geographic coordinates on the location of a person, vehicle or some other asset to within a few yards.
The new system enables the Navy to tap into satellite feeds to triangulate the position of a moving object and automatically send those coordinates to NETVM, which trains the pan/tilt/zoom cameras on the object.
AMI Discovery deals with poorly phrased queries by creating several hypotheses that triangulate around the most relevant results
It's easier with a partner, but you can triangulate this point alone by sighting the crown's apex with a compass and marking a line with your tape measure under the tree along the bearing.
In Coach Sawvel's plan, we would triangulate our three biggest players in the free-throw lane, as shown in Diag.
As the SLP laser probe projects a line of laser light onto a part, cameras triangulate the changing distance and profile of the laser line as it sweeps along.
When you use several electrodes, you can sort of triangulate the position where that release occurs," says Lindau.