triangular bandage

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bandage to support an injured forearm

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Bandages and other wound care supplies: Include bandages of assorted sizes to cover minor cuts and scrapes; bandage closures or "butterfly bandages" to tape edges of minor cuts together; a triangular bandage to wrap injuries and make an arm sling; elastic wraps for joint injuries; gauze in rolls and pads to dress larger cuts and scrapes; and adhesive tape to keep gauze in place.
Additional supplies: On rugged hunts, consider adding a soft splint, ACE wraps, snakebite kit, triangular bandage, and safety pins (Wilderness Medicine Outfitters, 303/688-5176; www.
Keep a piece of wood, cardboard or even a magazine folded in half to immobilize an arm - and store a triangular bandage to serve as a sling.
10) Triangular bandage to make a sling to support a sprain or break of the wrist, arm, shoulder or collar bone.
Why not go the whole hog - and recruit Boy Scouts on roller skates armed with a triangular bandage and First Aid box?